Ford Transit LR Mosquito Screens | Slider Doorway Low Roof Magnetic | Black



This listing is for two mosquito screens fitted for the slider doorway opening of the Low Roof Ford Transit van.

Since these screens are held in place within the metal door frame, they can be used in either passenger wagon or cargo style van.

Easy to attach to each door with super strong magnets sewn into the edge of each curtain to provide maximum staying power. 

  • There is a divider in the center that is also connected with magnets.
    So it is easy to open and shut, but closes tightly.  
  • Additionally, there are tiebacks on the outer side of each screen, so you can keep the doorway open if needed. The screens can be left in place while the door is closed.
  • These screens are easy to wipe clean and can be folded up and stored when not in use.

Screens are also available for the rear doorway and the front door windows and privacy shades with a radiant barrier are available for the entire perimeter of the van.  

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Weight 36.96 oz